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Bloomberg provides news, data, analytics and communication for the global business and financial world. We provide a competitive edge for influential decision makers by connecting them to a robust network of people, information and ideas.

As the market leader in financial information technology, we connect people to opportunities. Smart, Bold, Open and Dynamic by definition, our innovative offerings are limitless: real-time and historical pricing across all asset classes and markets, indicative data, reporting, research, estimates, analytics, portfolio management tools, electronic trading, execution platforms, order management systems, news, multimedia, electronic communications and beyond.

The work you do at Bloomberg will help individuals, enterprises and governments worldwide make smarter, faster, more profitable decisions. With more than 15,000 employees in 192 global locations supporting more than 310,000 sophisticated customers, our focus is on expert delivery and service.

Our wide-open workspaces encourage creative collaboration, our commitment to speed and accuracy stimulates endless innovation and our myriad volunteer projects inspire outreach to communities across the globe.

Our business is driven by finding solutions—from software to enterprise, from data to programming, we partner with our clients for greater transparency, speed and workflow efficiencies. Can you get things done while creating what’s next?