Bloomberg delivers breakthrough information—news, data and analysis that empower our clients to profit from smarter, better-informed decisions.

The company’s strength—delivering data, news and analytics through innovative technology, quickly and accurately—is at the core of the Bloomberg Professional® service, which provides real-time financial information to more than 320,000 subscribers globally.

Bloomberg is a hive of activity. There are no private offices. Teams sit shoulder-to-shoulder. Free 24-hour food pantries and glass conference rooms offer hubs of collaboration in a transparent environment. Internship opportunities are designed for students interested in the worlds of finance, news and technology. Our programs provide opportunities for undergraduates and postgraduates of every academic background and discipline.

Through this work experience, you’ll be immersed in our company and learn from proven professionals. After initial orientation and training, you’ll begin contributing to project assignments. Managers will guide you by providing constructive performance feedback, career advice and insight into Bloomberg.

You’ll participate in our Lunch and Learn Speaker Series, featuring senior Bloomberg leaders and members of innovative new businesses. Through work seminars, and cultural and philanthropic events, you’ll gain firsthand insight into working here.

Internship opportunities are designed to attract and assess individuals who are likely to succeed at Bloomberg. Strong performers are often given the opportunity to interview for full-time positions.

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